Working in INSURANCE, you are likely used to wearing many hats when it comes to servicing your clients, supporting your colleagues, and engaging with your external stakeholders.  The smaller the company you work at, usually the more hats you wear!


In addition to assisting with a job search or application, consider that your RECRUITER could also be utilized in some of the following capacities:

  • ADVISOR – Provide candidates with insights as to how to BEST PRESENT themselves online, virtually, in person and on paper. Knowing what the hiring managers are looking for, they can advise as to how to best highlight your credentials.


  • PROMOTER – Introduce candidates to clients, HIGHLIGHTING their relevant experience, credentials, and organizational compatibility. Sometimes this happens regardless of there being a vacancy to fill.


  • CONFIDANT – DISCRETION and INTEGRITY are essential in all interactions, as job searches are personal and respect for confidentiality is vital to the process. You want to feel comfortable with whomever you are disclosing your confidential information to. Recruiters should obtain your permission to share relevant personal details at YOUR discretion.


  • COUNSELLOR –  Job searches are stressful, and Recruiters can relate to life pressures and the uncertainty experienced in the process of seeking to transition into a new position. COMPASSION and EMPATHY are critical skills that many Recruiters utilize in the process.


  • MATCHMAKER – Matching client culture with BEST SUITED candidates. Recruiters develop an eye for certain attributes of a candidate’s personality and profile that are a suitable match with their (various) client’s needs and company culture.


  • NAVIGATOR –  A good recruiter will assist in thinking about the long-term CAREER OBJECTIVES of making career change. Sometimes the role you are approached for ends up not being the best solution for your next best step.  And that’s okay! We always learn something along the way.


  • PARTNER – Recruiters who build a history with you, will be a PARTNER in your career SUCCESS. They will consider you top of mind when the best roles come available.


  • INFLUENCER – If you are unsure of the role or terms offered to you by a potential employer, ask the recruiter for assistance in understanding how you stack up the competition. What trends are being see in the market and is your offer fair.  If you feel you deserve more, sometimes you can work with the recruiter towards the BEST STRATEGY in telling your story to help influence a happy meeting point for both parties. A good recruiter should also be able to advise if you are seeing a fair or terrific offer and help you appreciate what you have.

Approach your next interaction with a Recruiter with an open mind. Consider some of the added benefits to a relationship that can support you in your career.   Benchmarking against peers, being in the know, providing perspective, brainstorming career path options, and having your own personal cheerleader!

You have everything to gain, be BOLD!