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Sauce Recruitment is an advocate for careers in the insurance industry.

We facilitate meaningful introductions between our candidates and new potential employers – our clients. We are a corporate match maker.

Clients trust our judgement. Candidates value our guidance.

We come armed with an intimate understanding of the insurance industry, and an excellent knowledge of our clients. We pride ourselves on matching our candidates and clients when it comes to job function as well as culture fit. Both equally necessary for a long term career solution.


Sauce is BOLD. Sauce makes things exciting. Sauce changes the flavor of something bland. Insurance careers are anything but bland – you just need to find the right SAUCE.


Our Approach

  • Our approach is strategic
  • We focus on quality, not quantity
  • We respect your time
  • We do the right thing – always
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Meet Jenn Devlin. Sauce Founder.

Prior to recruitment, Jenn spent over 15 years in the insurance industry as an insurance broker working in various roles of increasing complexity through her career. She has performed technical roles and sales roles and can appreciate the differences and expectations for each. She has experienced working in large public companies, and small independently owned companies and knows the benefits and challenges that come with each. She is able to understand client needs surrounding employee search requirements with little explanation and intuitively asks important questions, when tasked with new recruitment projects. She will contribute to the strength of your team and focuses on fit and personality as much as skill set when interviewing your new potential hires.

Jenn is curious by nature and wants to know all the details. Her commercial insurance broker background has made her passionate about comparing and contrasting options. Jenn Devlin understands the insurance industry firsthand, and she genuinely cares about people. Recruitment allows her to merge these two interests to assist candidates in assessing their individual career path. Her candidates value her guidance when making difficult decisions and appreciate the wholistic approach Jenn uses when assisting with navigating their next career move.

Jennifer Devlin
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