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At Sauce Recruitment we create a recruitment experience that is a valued partnership.

Sauce Recruitment recognizes that hiring the right people is the most important differentiator for companies that see the greatest success in the insurance industry.
We work on a contingency model for most clients and offer flexibility of terms. This means we get paid if you choose to hire one of our selected candidates. We are open to discussing various service models and compensation structures that make the most sense, depending on your hiring needs.

We openly discuss our thoughts on how each candidate may thrive, or not, in your environment. The goal is a long term fit for everyone. We do not sugar coat. We can get as involved as you like or simply provide an introduction and let you take it from there.

We let the client drive the process.

This is your business.


Client Process

  • Qualify our service to your needs
  • Discuss the role & team structure
  • Learn about your business model
  • Outline timeline and expectations
  • Draft contract
  • Start recruitment
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