We thought this was funny given that over 70% of our followers either work in or at the periphery of the INSURANCE INDUSTRY.

Summer is here and it is time to VACATE THE HOUSE for some well-earned Rest & Relaxation. You may be packing your sunscreen for coverage but how covered are you while you are away?

Consider the phrase “The cobbler’s children have NO shoes”   This expression references individuals skilled at their craft but who often neglect to apply their skills or expertise to their own situation.

How many times have you been mid vacation and wondered about the requirements for someone to check in on your home while you are away.

What about at the car rental counter – does my auto policy already cover insurance on the rental??. . .Hmmm…..

EVEN. . . cough – ESPECIALLY insurance professionals can overlook their own requirements or fail to apply their expertise to their personal circumstances.

Take this as a FRIENDLY REMINDER from your friends on the periphery of INSURANCE.

Locate and review your policy prior to your departure and don’t forget TO PACK the “peace of mind” that you are covered.

Wishing everyone a FUN & SAFE Summer 2023!