Looking to boost your talent asset base and power your company performance results?  If so, here are a few strategic objectives that can assist in elevating workplace performance.

RECRUITMENT: Comprehensive recruitment strategies combine a mix of internal and external efforts depending on the urgency and specialization of the roles to fill.  Successful organizations create and maintain an active, relevant, and diversified talent pipeline.  They may expand their reach through third party recruitment specialists who can qualify candidates from their extensive network.

MIGRATING TALENT: All insurance employers should be committed to enticing and encouraging new entrants to the industry for the continued strength and health of the overall industry workforce.  How is this a competitive edge?  “Migrating talent” can uplevel your business having been attracted, trained, and experienced at other competing firms.

DEVELOPMENT: Customized training programs, mentorship, comprehensive onboarding, cross training and coaching all support employee skillset expansion.  Investing in employee growth initiatives promotes engagement, positivity, and workplace connection.

PSYCHOMETRICS: Utilizing psychometrics as a tool to assist in career navigation and fulfillment as it is insightful and beneficial to both employer and employee.    By better understanding personnel dynamics, you can improve internal efficiencies and employee satisfaction.  Proper job matching identifies personalities and abilities best suited to roles within your organization from the start.

INTERNAL PROMOTIONS: Companies can offer opportunities for career advancement to employees who demonstrate exceptional performance and potential. This can include promotions, leadership development programs, and assigning high profile projects.

HIRING PRACTICES: Innovative companies generate a stronger workforce by uniting unique backgrounds at all levels of the organization, including the leadership team. This can involve implementing policies and programs that promote hiring students, career changers and new to country insurance professionals.

CORPORATE AUTHENTICITY:  Developing an IDEAL company brand and mission statement is only powerful when it truly reflects reality.    An organization aligned with its values and dedication to the advancement of its personnel resources are more likely to attract desirable talent.

SUCCESSION PLANNING:  As demographics continue to change, maintaining organizational “tribal knowledge” and best practices is critical for long term success.

Implementing a comprehensive Talent Strategy helps better position your insurance firm’s viability and presence within the industry in both the near and long terms.

At a time of continual shifts and changing industry dynamics, it is wise to ask, “What does our TALENT STRATEGY consist of?”