The INSURANCE INDUSTRY is fueled by countless employers offering MULTIPLE career paths.  A RECRUITER is a STRATEGIC companion who can assist with career NAVIGATION when you feel that change is in your FUTURE.   With a willingness to be OPEN to their EXTENSIVE network connections, unique career OPPORTUNITIES and expertise on how to best PREPARE and PRESENT yourself, you are WISELY positioning yourself for your career journey ahead.

Read on to discover some of the KEY BENEFITS to connecting with a RECRUITER.


“You only know who you know” ….

The Insurance Industry is made up many micro communities and most tend to keep to the part of the industry that they know.   A RECRUITER may share opportunities that you might not have considered before – outside of your comfort and natural network.  They can also ADVOCATE for you and make warm introductions outside of your own network.

You may have a solid COMMUNITY of colleagues and former leaders prepared to endorse you, but the network you’ll tap into if you use a recruiter EXPANDS that community.

Recruiters also have a wealth of information about the job market, hiring trends, and company cultures. They can provide you with VALUABLE insights about various employers and the hiring process that you might not be able to ACCESS otherwise.  And sometimes it’s better to LEARN about a new employer or a specialised role from a neutral third party and not your “friend who used to work there”.  We are all different and experience different environments in our own way.


Recruiters have access to a HIDDEN jobs market and opportunities in their own networks that will never be advertised. TIMING is everything.

If you specialise in an area or have UNIQUE skills and a good track record, a NICHE recruiter who knows your CREDENTIALS can come in very handy.  Often the roles you find interesting will not be available at the time you choose to embark on a career shift.  In this case, having a RECRUITER to keep you in the loop when appropriate career opportunities arise can mean the difference between an interview or not.


Building Confidence

Recruiters provide the much-needed ENCOURAGMENT for you to explore something you may not have felt comfortable or ready to do on your own.  They can help you ENVISION your future and give you the CONFIDENCE to at least take the chance.  BELIEVE in yourself!

Personalized Attention

A STRONG recruiter will take the time to understand your career GOALS, skills, and experience, and MATCH you with job opportunities that ALIGN with your interests and qualifications. This personalized attention can save you time and effort in your job search.   As with anything, providing some CONTEXT along with your resumé when applying for a new role is IMPERATIVE.  Ensure that your RECRUITER is clear about your capabilities and what you are ultimately looking for.

Resumés 101

Don’t be shy about asking a recruiter to review your Resumé and make suggestions on how to REVISE it so you’re a stronger candidate. They want to match you with a job that suits your skills and experience, and they know what will impress a HIRING manager BETTER than anyone.

The Interview Process

There’s nothing like having a recruiter in your corner when you are preparing for an INTERVIEW.  A recruiter wants to provide the BEST candidates for their clients, and if they’re working to PLACE you, it’s in their best interest to help you get that JOB!

Insightful Feedback

Once you land an interview, the recruiter can provide INSIGHT into the types of questions you might face, COACH you on interview techniques and INSTRUCT you on how to present yourself in the best light to the employer or hiring manager. They can also have a more CANDID conversation with you and provide FEEDBACK about how the interview went – handy intel for the future.


For these and so many other reasons, establishing a solid RELATIONSHIP with a recruiter you trust and who is active in your industry is STRATEGICALLY wise.  Maintaining your recruiter CONNECTION over time and updating them as to your status, skills and experience, is an easy way to EXPAND your future career potential. You never know WHEN an interesting opportunity may arise that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

Go ahead.  Reach out. Be BOLD.


Sauce Recruitment Corp. is dedicated to promoting and supporting our client partners in the INSURANCE INDUSTRY.  We specialize in working with high performing insurance professionals to help navigate their career to a higher level, new direction or better fit.

Sauce is BOLD. Sauce makes things exciting. Insurance careers are anything but bland – you just need to find the right SAUCE. Be BOLD.