Lately, the world has been buzzing with excitement over Taylor Swift’s romance with star football player Travis Kelce, catapulting her into media overload. With her songs all over the airwaves, we’ve found ourselves immersed in her music, not just for the catchy tunes, but for the profound wisdom hidden in her lyrics. As we approach the industry’s event season, we can’t help but think about how we could shift the industry. Drawing inspiration from T-Swift’s melodic mastery, we want to unlock unconventional networking tips. Let’s dive into this revolution with advice for ‘Fearless’ pre-event networking preparation, ‘Anti-Hero’ unconventional, but memorable, event-day activities, and a few ‘New Romantics’ innovative ideas to modernize your networking.


Networking Before an Event – Fearless Preparations

Ditch the Business Cards: Yes, you read that right. As Taylor Swift (and Ed Sheeran) said, Everything Has Changed. Traditional professionals swear by business cards, but with smartphones and social media we don’t really NEED them ( sorry to those die hard business card fans ). Instead, connect with colleagues through your phone and exchange Linked profiles. Test it out, you may like how fast, eco-friendly, and memorable ditching your business cards for Evermore can feel.

Be Brutally Honest: Like many of T-Swift’s lyrics, cut through the fluff. You may find that Sparks Fly when you start reaching out to potential connections before the event and be straightforward about what you’re seeking. Honesty can be shocking in the world of networking but also refreshing.

Forget the Folklore and Trash the Elevator Pitch: Those rehearsed elevator pitches? Forget them. No more getting ‘Exile’-ed at parties if you embrace the art of telling compelling stories that illustrate your passion and goals. It’s engaging, memorable, and refreshingly unconventional.


Networking At the Event – Try an Anti-Hero Attitude

Start Conversations with a Controversial Statement: If your Endgame is about making an impression with your networks, shock your peers by opening a conversation with a bold and somewhat controversial statement. Do a bit of research about trends in the industry in preparation and then simply start a conversation with your bold statement. No need for you to be Delicate here, you are aiming for memorable interactions.

Embrace Silence: Instead of the constant chatter, dare to Shake it Off when a moment of silence presents itself during conversations. Silence can encourage the other person to share more and leads to deeper connections.

Bring the Fun: Traditional networking events can be stiff and formal. Unleash your inner entertainer – organize a spontaneous game, karaoke session, or quick dance-off to break the ice and foster memorable connections. Your connections will surely start saying, I Knew You Were Trouble in the best way!


Innovative Networking Approaches – New Romantics Vibes

Disrupt the Traditional Mentorship Model: Instead of conventional mentorship, work on your Reputation for fun and innovative new ways of networking. Try forming networking groups with like-minded peers. These tribes offer support, knowledge sharing, and fresh perspectives.

Arrange an ‘Un-Networking’ Event: While everyone’s doing typical coffee meetings, get yourself Out of the Woods from the typical and host an ‘Un-Networking’ event, where attendees are discouraged from talking about work. This unconventional approach fosters more genuine connections.

“Swift Lyric Challenge”: This is a fun one… are you …Ready for It? Organize a unique ‘Swift Lyric Challenge’ during an event. Invite attendees to incorporate Taylor Swift lyrics ( no need to feed our obsession with Taylor Swift, any artist will do ) into their conversations as seamlessly as possible. The catch? They must be relevant to the topic of discussion. It’s a fun and creative way to break the ice and bond over shared interests. You may find yourself saying, You Need to Calm Down to your connections because they get SO into the game. Bonus… it’s a fantastic conversation starter that’ll be remembered long after the event ends.


With Taylor Swift’s love life making headlines and her music dominating the charts, we couldn’t help but infuse her lyrical wisdom into the world of networking in the insurance industry. As you revolutionize your approach with bold and unconventional tips, from ditching the elevator pitch to embracing silence during conversations, and even introducing the “Swift Lyric Challenge,” you’re bringing a breath of fresh air to the insurance industry. Remember, Taylor Swift’s ‘New Romantics’ mindset is all about embracing change, and you’re leading the way with innovative, audacious networking!