This month we are talking about up-leveling your personal brand in the Insurance Industry. A super simple way to set yourself apart from your colleagues (and any career competition) lies in WHAT YOU WEAR. With casual dress and work-from-home becoming more acceptable, we’ve seen professionals take it a little too far.

We are dishing out a little real talk on dressing for success. If you want to land that dream job, earn your VP title, or rise to the corner office, think about how you present yourself. We want to help you think about how to embrace business casual, with a little more business and a little less casual, how to dress for the job you want, and how to win the game in a virtual world. Forget the casual chaos; it’s time to step up your style game and make heads turn for all the right reasons.

Navigating Business Casual Environments: More Than Just Khakis and Polos

Let’s get one thing straight – business casual doesn’t mean you can show up in last night’s pajamas. We have a couple guidelines that we like to keep in mind when meeting with our colleagues, clients, and partners:

Decode Your Office Vibes: Every workplace has its own language, and that includes its dress code. Go BEYOND the company dress policy and figure out if it’s a crisp-shirt-and-tie kind of place or a more relaxed blazer-and-jeans scene. Align your wardrobe to be in harmony with the job you want.

Wardrobe Staples For-The-Win: Dressing for success doesn’t have to break the bank. Invest in TIMELESS PIECES that fit with your style and make you feel good. A well-fitted blazer, quality shirts or blouses, and smart trousers or skirts are your ride-or-die companions. We like to say ‘think classic, not cluttered.’

Finer Details can Make your Style: Iron out the wrinkles, polish your shoes, and sprinkle in some accessories. It’s the small things (think cufflinks, jewelry, belts, and shoes) that pack a punch and make you look like the pro you are.


Dress for the Job You Want: Because the Corner Office Awaits

Time to level up from the entry-level look to executive chic. If you are truly committed to obtaining a new position or gaining a promotion, think about these tips that can set you up:

Style Stalking 101: Take a cue from the HIGHER-UPS. Notice how they rock the power look? Incorporate elements of their style into yours. No need to complicate it, if your office leader is wearing a suit everyday, this is an easy sign that you should too. Subtle mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery – and success.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Client Edition: If your clients are all about the corporate glam, align your style with theirs. If they are rocking a business casual jacket and jeans, go with that. It’s like a secret handshake, but with clothes. Your attire becomes a bridge to building CONNECTIONS and gaining TRUST.

Personal Style is the Real Power Play: Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of ‘you’ into your wardrobe. Whether it’s a pop of color or a quirky accessory, let your personality shine through and have some FUN. Remember, you’re not just an insurance pro; you’re a style icon in the making.


Hybrid Work Locations: Slaying the Video Call Look Like a Pro

In the era of Zoom and Teams, looking sharp on-screen is just as important as in the office. Too many employees phone it in when it comes to virtual meetings, but we think it’s your ticket to success. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty:

Hair Game: Tame the Mane: Your hair is your crown – treat it accordingly. Whether it’s a slick ponytail or a neat trim, let your locks say, “I’m in control” rather than “I just woke up.”

Backdrop Brilliance: Your background is your virtual stage. Keep it tidy, add a plant or a tasteful piece of art – anything but last night’s pizza boxes. Everyone loves a cute kitty, but try to keep your pets in another room so as not to distract from your professionalism.

Dress for Success, Top to Toe: Even if your coworkers only see the upper half, a complete look boosts confidence. No one wants to be caught in their plaid PJ bottoms when an unexpected stand-up moment hits. Our motto is ‘be prepared, ALWAYS.’


In the fast-paced world of Insurance, where first impressions are gold, dressing for success is your secret weapon. Now that you know how to navigate the business casual terrain, dress for the corner office, and conquer video calls, go forward and make your PROFESSIONAL IMPRESSIONS with a look that says, “I’m not just here; I’m here to stay.” Let’s face it, in a sea of mundane, embracing your inner professional style maven is the ultimate power move!