Two important events happened in September: 


(2) THE BARBIE MOVIE became the highest grossing movie of the year worldwide. 

We decided it would be FUN and put together a tale about BARBIE’s RESUME TRANSFORMATION as a reminder about how REGULARLY UPDATING YOUR RESUME can keep you prepared to EXPLORE exciting new career opportunities when they arise.

Meet Barbie, a seasoned INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL with a flair for fashion and a burning ambition to lead. She knew that her journey toward claiming a leadership crown started with a single document – HER RESUME. Barbie understood that in a world filled with actuarial tables and coverage statistics, she needed to make her resume shine with glamour and allure. 

Her mission: to defy the stereotype that insurance could sometimes be perceived as drab and uninspiring.


The Fashion Makeover Begins: Regular Review and Revision

Barbie embarked on her resume transformation journey by committing to QUARTERLY REVIEWS. She realized that her resume was not just a document; it was her fashion statement, her runway. Regular revisions ensured that she was always ready to sashay into exciting opportunities.


The Glamorous Gala: Documenting Achievements in Real-Time

In this glamorous adventure, EVERY IMPORTANT ACHIEVEMENT was like a fabulous party to Barbie. Whether it was a significant client retained or a complex claim settled, Barbie DOCUMENTED it in real-time. The key was to gather quantifiable data, like a fashionista collecting stunning accessories, to dazzle potential employers.


Unveiling the Red Carpet Look: The Master Resume

Barbie maintained a MASTER RESUME, her treasure chest of every experience, skill, and education she could possibly need. All organized with the precision of a fashion designer. When the time came to shine in a new role, she could easily craft a TAILORED RESUME by only including the accessories that matched her outfit to wow everyone with its perfection.


Words that Sparkle: Action Words and Keywords

No glamorous event is complete without the RIGHT VOCABULARY. Barbie used action verbs to make her accomplishments sparkle like diamonds on a tiara. She strategically inserted keywords from job postings to make sure her resume stood out in the glitzy world of ATS (applicant tracking systems).


Walking the Runway: Focusing on Achievements, Not Responsibilities

In this glamorous escapade, Barbie focused on her ACHIEVEMENTS not just her daily tasks. She described how she ADDED VALUE, improved processes, and dazzled in the face of challenges. With numbers and facts, she made her resume as radiant as a Hollywood star.


The Fashion Show: A Clean and Consistent Format

A fashion show is a hit when it’s well-organized and clutter-free. Barbie maintained a clean, sophisticated resume format that was EASY ON THE EYES. NO CLUTTER or excessive frills – just a clear path to her skills and experiences.


The Red Carpet Look: Update Your Contact Information

Barbie made sure her contact information was up-to-date. Her LinkedIn profile was her red carpet appearance.  With this link included on her resume and also kept CURRENT and ACCURATE, she was ready to answer the call of destiny. A glamorous voicemail message was her greeting to potential employers.


The Closet Cleanup: Removing Outdated Information

In her quest for leadership stardom, Barbie realized that some past fashion trends were no longer in vogue. She cleaned up her resume, ensuring it remained as chic and CURRENT as her wardrobe. It was no longer important to share that she started her career in retail 25 years ago, or to include the year she graduated highschool.  No need to disclose she had been working since 1959!


Trusted Fashion Advisors: Seeking Feedback

Like any style icon, Barbie sought advice from her trusted fashion advisors. Colleagues, mentors, and industry recruiters provided valuable insights to make her resume a work of art.


Conclusion: The Runway to Leadership

As NATIONAL UPDATE YOUR RESUME MONTH unfurled its sequinned banners, Barbie’s resume transformation tale inspired her fellow insurance fashionistas. They realized that in the world of insurance, adding a touch of glamour to your resume could be the key to claiming leadership stardom.

The moral of the story? In a profession that sometimes feels a bit “BUSINESS AS USUAL” daring to update your resume with style and flair can help you make a grand entrance into your next role. 

So, fellow INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS, strike a pose, UPDATE YOUR RESUME, and set out on a runway toward your career dreams. It’s time to sparkle and shine in the world of insurance like the true industry leaders you are!