Picture this: You’ve aced your resume, dressed to impress, and arrived at your interview with your dream employer with the confidence of a seasoned underwriter. You’re feeling great until the interviewers hit you with a curveball, an AWKWARD QUESTION that makes you momentarily question your career choices.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. In the world of insurance interviews, even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves facing perplexing inquiries. But fear not, in this article, we’ll explore SEVEN such tricky questions and how to tackle them with grace and poise.


“Of the two of us, who do you think is smarter?”

(In an interview with two interviewers)

This question might seem like a minefield, but it’s often a test of your DIPLOMACY and ability to handle UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS. The correct response is to tactfully acknowledge both interviewers’ intelligence and explain how you look forward to learning from their experience.


“Are you willing to fail?”

This question assesses your attitude toward risk and your ability to handle setbacks. Respond by highlighting your willingness to take calculated risks and your determination to learn from any failures to IMPROVE and SUCCEED in the insurance industry.


“What will you do if you don’t get this job?”

While it might appear to be a question designed to put you on the spot, it’s actually about your COMMITMENT and PASSION for the role. Respond by expressing your genuine interest in the position and explain that you will continue pursuing opportunities in your chosen area of the insurance industry, building on your skills, and actively seeking the right fit for your career goals.


“What’s your greatest weakness?”

Avoid clichés like “I’m a perfectionist.” Instead, pick a GENUINE area of improvement and explain how you’re actively working on it. For instance, “I tend to be overly self-critical, but I’ve been working on finding a balance and not letting it hinder my progress.”


“How many fire hydrants do you estimate are downtown?”

This question is an example of a brain teaser, measuring your PROBLEM-SOLVING abilities and how you approach complex challenges. Consider estimating the number based on the city’s size, how many fire hydrants you estimate per 10 blocks, and common placement areas.


“Why do you want to leave your current position?”

This question explores your MOTIVATIONS for seeking a new opportunity. Focus on the positive aspects of the role you’re applying for and how it aligns with your career goals and interests.


“What critical feedback do you most often receive?”

This question delves into your SELF-AWARENESS and your ability to handle CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Be honest and share feedback that you’ve received in the past, emphasizing how you’ve USED IT to grow and improve.


Now, let’s circle back to why these awkward interview questions exist in the first place. They’re NOT meant to stump you or catch you off guard; they’re designed to evaluate your REACTIONS under pressure. Employers want to see how you handle the UNEXPECTED, whether you can think on your feet, and if you can maintain PROFESSIONALISM in challenging situations.

Next time you find yourself grappling with an awkward interview question, remember that it’s not about having the perfect answer but how you HANDLE THE UNEXPECTED. Keep your cool, stay true to yourself, and showcase your ability to ADAPT and THRIVE in any situation. After all, that’s a skill that every insurance professional already has in their toolbox.