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Our Approach


Quality Not Quantity

We respect your time and ours. We choose to represent only a select client group that we are confident in advocating for.

Clients will only receive introductions to qualified candidates. We will not send candidates unless they have the skills and the right mindset to be a good match for your culture. Most often we provide one or two strong candidates that we feel are a good match for your team and who we know are excited about the opportunity to join your organization.

Candidates may expect to attend one or two interviews with the clients they are most suited towards. Our approach is strategic and we try to keep focused on the end goal. Attending interviews takes time and we will not blur or confuse you by making an introduction that doesn’t make sense for your career path.

The Truth, The Whole Truth

We believe that everyone deserves to hear the truth. Being a recruiter and an advocate sometimes entails delivering difficult messages to candidates or clients. We are okay with that. Transparency is key and we see value in straight up communication. We invite meaningful discussions to set out thoughtful expectations for all parties during the recruitment process.

If we don’t believe we can assist, we will tell you. We will not ignore you or set false expectations.

Most of our candidates and clients enjoy our genuine, human approach. We hope you do too!

Our Speciality

Our specialty is providing outsourced recruitment services for independent insurance brokerages.  We service reputable brokerage clients with staff count anywhere from 10 – 2000 and everything in between.  We are also familiar with Underwriting, Claims and Risk Management and are happy to help in these areas when requested.

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