Last week I started leaving my cell phone in another room while I made lunches and got the kids ready for school. Having that one hour in the morning to focus on the task at hand without the work distraction is already showing a visibly happier team (family) and far less stress.

For the last ten years, I have typically had my phone with me from the time I wake up (I love what I do). This means constantly checking in and sending quick responses, in tandem with completing all the other morning activities required. This causes stress for me, makes me snippy and dilutes attention from other important things. My family. Not just kids, but my husband too.

Being present is a big deal to those around you. They need your attention. They want to be seen.  I know that I certainly feel ignored and frustrated being second priority to a meme, a calendar change or an email response that could easily wait for an hour.

I read recently that prioritizing 20 mins of focused time with the people who need you each day, is more impactful than spending hours with them if distracted and only half present.  This could be colleagues, children, spouses, parents, neighbours. You name it!

Let’s try to prioritize, for our most important people and for ourselves.  The focused time will make a difference to our humanity.

Have a great week!


Jenn Devlin

Sauce Recruitment